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Life Insurance


Life insurance

This covers the policy holder in the event of death or accidental death.

You will enjoy a level or increasing sum assured product, therefore the covered amount will not decrease over the term of the policy.

The policy holder’s beneficiaries or cedent will receive the value of the life insurance policy in the event of this most unfortunate event taking place.

There are various options to choose from. It can be taken for a specific number of years or for your whole life.

Dreaded disease and disability cover can also be included.

You can choose from our wide range of assurance companies such as Sanlam, Old Mutual, Discovery, Liberty, Altrisk or FMI. We will arrange all the neccessary quotes and let you decide which option suits you best.

Not sure how much cover you require? Thats ok because 1 of our trained and experienced consultants will gladly assist you with the neccessary financial planning. This will eliminate any mistakes of guessing the amount of cover you need versus accurately calculating this.


Life insurance



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