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Having gone through the whole process of finding the right house, apartment or land and with all the frustration that can accompany that search, the last thing anyone needs is to then battle through the minefield of arranging the required finance.

The process of arranging a home loan can be daunting for the consumer. Financial institutions require a number of different documents to support an application. In addition, there are a number of different products available.

Using the services of a Mortgage originator offers a simple solution. The concept of “Mortgage Origination” refers to the process whereby a third party will arrange a home loan for customers with a financial institution.

A Mortgage Originator assists a prospective client in a number of ways:

     • Advice on which product best suites an individuals
        personal circumstances.

     • Comparative analysis of competing options to ensure the
        client receives a competitive overall offer.

     • Completion of documents, collation of the supporting
        documentation and liaison with the applicable financial institution.

     • Feedback

Building bonds can be extremely complex and your local SA Finance Corporation outlet will happily provide guidance on the procedures to be followed. Financing of renovations, extensions or that new pool will be arranged in the same efficient and friendly manner.

SA Finance Corporation has built up strong and favourable relationships with major financial institutions. As such our objectivity remains focused on providing all our existing and prospective clients with the best possible service and advice.

We are equipped with the most advanced electronic submission software directly linked to all the major banks. All applications are submitted directly from our offices via our software. Therefore you are ensured that in no way will your data be lost or corrupted.

Advantages of doing business with SA Finance Corporation:

• We have proven that we can get a bond approved in a shorter period than if the client was to go directly to the banks.

• We will do all the paperwork for yourselves or your clients, therefore saving you time and money.

• We are able to get the most comprehensive interest rates at well below prime and we are also able to negotiate with the banks if we or the client is not happy with the interest rate granted.

    • We are available 7 days a week if you need advice or more information.

    • We always give our clients & agents regular feedback on the progress of their bonds.

    • We have a direct link with the 4 major banks, namely ABSA, FNB, Standard and Nedbank.

Necessary Documentation Required

Employed individual:

1) Copy of ID

2) 3 month stamped bank statements (NOT INTERNET BANK STATEMENTS)

3) Latest payslip

4) Offer to purchase (when applicable)

Employed individual (& earning commission): 

1) Copy of ID

2) 6 month stamped bank statements (NOT INTERNET BANK STATEMENTS)

3) 6 month payslips

4) Offer to purchase (when applicable)

Self-employed individual: 

1) Copy of ID

2) 6 month stamped bank statements - Personal & Business account (NOT INTERNET BANK STATEMENTS)

3) Financial Statements - Income Statement & Balance sheet (3 years)

4) Letter from accountant stating income

5) Offer to purchase (when applicable)

Steps and procedures



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